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FreightCompass provides truckload services to hundreds of customers representing a wide variety of industries across North America. Our Truckload services include Dry Van, Flatbed, Oversize/Overweight, Expedited, Power-Only, Hotshot, Hazmat, and Specialized Services.


Our Carrier network is the life blood of our Truckload Program. FreightCompass goes the extra mile to ensure our Carriers are the best in the business. Carriers selected to participate in our Network have passed a rigorous evaluation process and are continuously monitored for performance. FreightCompass strives to give our preferred carriers loads in the lanes that they serve best and where they need back haul for balance. Our Carrier Representatives are dedicated to maintaining great relationships with our Carriers while ensuring that they meet the performance standards set by both FreightCompass and our shippers.


Our proprietary FreightCompass Digital Platform allows us to locate the right carriers in the right lanes more efficiently than the traditional freight broker model. Once your loads are matched with the best carrier options, our Platform enables us to book loads quickly and seamlessly, providing quicker book times for our Carriers and Customers. Our customers then have full visibility of all their loads through the FreightCompass Platform. You always know where your freight is and get status updates in real time!



FreightCompass makes Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping easier than ever. Our FreightCompass Digital Platform gives you immediate access to all the best LTL Carriers across North America.


Every customer at FreightCompass has a dedicated Client Success Representative (CSR) with extensive training in LTL-specific operations. Once shipments are submitted into our platform, your CSR takes it from there. They ensure your freight is picked-up on time, delivered on time, and billed correctly. Our Client Success Team tracks every shipment every day and finds issues in your supply chain before anyone knows about it. We then develop options to solve those inevitable problems. You can rest easy knowing you have a dedicated team looking out for your shipments every day!


Our proprietary FreightCompass Digital Platform allows customers to keep control of their supply chains directly from our portal. Seamless shipping, tracking, and recovery happens all in real time with full visibility to our customers. If systems integration is important to you, it is a snap for customers that prefer to have their in-house systems populate into our platform automatically. Never be in the dark again about the condition of your supply chain!


When critical or time-sensitive shipments arise, you need the highest level of professional service to back you up. Count on FreightCompass to help! Our team of experts will help you navigate the highly regulated air freight industry and get your freight where it needs to go, quickly and efficiently.

FreightCompass has the partnership network in place to tackle your most critical transportation challenges. Sleep well knowing our team of experts make miracles happen every day. Your time-sensitive freight is safe with FreightCompass!

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Intermodal can be a cost-effective and reliable choice for shippers. If you are looking to save money and have time to pre-plan your supply chain decisions, intermodal could be the solution you need.

Intermodal shipping adds capacity, cuts transportation costs, and can reduce your emissions by up to 30% compared to over-the-road shipping.


When shipping overseas, you need experts who have the world-wide partnerships to keep your supply chain moving. The complexity of international shipping create a minefield of potential issues with quoting, shipping, meeting vessels, drayage, and final delivery. FreightCompass can help you navigate these complex waters and ensure you get best-in-class service at every step in the process.



Sometimes you need to move a small number of pallets fast. LTL carriers may be too slow and Truckload carriers may be too expensive. In these situations, Sprinter Courier may be the perfect solution for you. These drivers pick up one to four pallets and move them directly to the final destination. No transfers and no delays. FreightCompass has an extensive Sprinter Van network to meet this exact need. Trust FreightCompass to move these critical shipments quickly and for a very reasonable cost!

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