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Our Managed Transportation solution is designed to improve and simplify your logistics by leveraging FreightCompass' experience, technology, and capabilities. This is a custom solution where FreightCompass' dedicated personnel become an extension of your business. FreightCompass can manage a single mode, a single location, or your entire transportation network so you can focus on your core business. You decide the level of integration. We can support with on-site transportation managers, off-site dedicated logistics coordinators, or a hybrid approach. Whatever solution you choose, you will have piece of mind knowing your Supply Chain is in good hands with FreightCompass!


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Our Logistics Coordinators and Managers become an extension of your company, allowing you to focus on your core business. We ensure critical transportation metrics are consistently met while providing you with clear, open, and timely communication. Rest assured that our team is looking out for your business and your customers.

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FreightCompass has the best technology stack in the industry, and it is all available to our Managed Transportation Clients at no additional cost! We have already done the hard work of building out the leading transportation platform in our industry. Let us put the power of that technology to work for you with our Managed Transportation Solutions.


The FreightCompass Model includes developing Standard Operating Procedures and Key Performance Indicators. Our customers help us develop these standards and our team meets/exceeds those standards. We have regular monthly and quarterly executive level meetings with our Managed Transportation Clients to ensure we maintain a high level of performance and continuously strive for additional improvements along the way. With FreightCompass, our Business Analytics tools will always let you know, in real time, how we are performing in those key metrics!

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