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To meet urgent shipping needs, FreightCompass offers accelerated delivery options for time-sensitive shipments. Our expedited truckload service provides dedicated equipment, fast and reliable transportation, and drivers solely focused on delivering the freight quickly. This service ensures expedited handling, reduced transit times, and increased visibility throughout the shipping process. Whether your freight is high-valued, perishable, or critical, FreightCompass can ensure reliable and efficient delivery solutions.



When freight exceeds standard size and weight, there are unique requirements that need to be handled prior to transportation. FreightCompass has proven to be beneficial to businesses transporting bulky, heavy, or irregularly shaped goods efficiently and safely. Our oversized/overweight service ensures access to specialized equipment and experienced carriers with the expertise to handle such shipments, mitigating the risk of damage and ensuring compliance with legal and safety regulations. With FreightCompass, you can rest assured knowing your logistics needs are being met effectively and efficiently.


Some shipments are too large for typical LTL service and too small for a full truckload. Partial truckload shipments are an ideal solution for these "in between" shipments. Instead of paying excessive accessorial charges on LTL or paying for a full truckload quality, we find available space on truckload carriers that is currently unfilled. By partnering with FreightCompass, we can reduce your overall cost to ship these Partial Shipments and improve the speed of transport significantly over traditional LTL.



Moving freight to Alaska can present unique challenges due to its remote location and harsh weather conditions. Partnering with FreightCompass will ensure you are working with specialists that possess extensive knowledge of the region's logistics infrastructure, transportation options, and regulatory requirements. FreightCompass can leverage our network of carriers experienced in Alaska routes to secure reliable and efficient transportation for customers. By relying on FreightCompass, businesses can navigate the challenges of shipping freight to Alaska effectively while focusing on their core operations.


Moving freight to Hawaii requires specialized transportation solutions due to its geographic location as an island state. FreightCompass has significant experience in shipping to Hawaii and our specialists understand the unique logistics challenges and have established relationships with carriers specialized in ocean freight to the islands. FreightCompass helps customers navigate the complexities of transportation, including the coordination of pick-ups, arranging ocean shipping, and managing delivery on any island. By utilizing FreightCompass' Hawaii service, businesses can save time, reduce logistics headaches, and ensure efficient and reliable transportation to Hawaii.



Shipping freight to Canada involves navigating international borders, customs regulations, and compliance requirements. Our specialists, in concert with your customs broker, handle the complexities of customs clearance, ensuring smooth transit and avoiding costly delays. Additionally, FreightCompass specialists will leverage our network of carriers and transportation options to optimize shipping routes and reduce costs for your businesses. FreightCompass makes international shipping to Canada simple and cost effective.

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