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There are two types of Transportation Intermediaries in today's marketplace. One group (Digital Freight Brokers) believes that technology can replace the "old-timers" in the freight industry just like Uber has replaced taxi drivers all over the world. The other group (Traditional Freight Brokers) believes that this new technology is just a fad and freight movement is still all about the "personal connection" of people, not computers.

Well, we believe both groups are WRONG! The reality is technology can provide many advances to our industry that create more efficient and cost-effective solutions for everyone. However, there are far too many complexities in our industry for technology to have the "Uber effect" on commercial transportation. At FreightCompass, we believe in having the best-in-class digital platform with the traditional mindset of people working with other people. Our technology is state-of-the-art, and a huge competitive advantage for FreightCompass. But, we still believe in having personal relationships with every single customer. We believe in tracking every shipment every day, and we believe in looking out for our client's freight like it was a Christmas present going to our Grandmother!

Our customers NEVER SETTLE. You can have both the best-in-class digital platform AND the best-in-class personal service with FreightCompass!


FreightCompass' Digital Platform is simple, flexible, and highly salable, adapting to all your transportation management needs. Whether you ship one load per month or 100 per day, our Digital Platform will be each  to implement and use for all of your team!

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Always know where your shipments are with FreightCompass' Digital Platform. We connect with most carriers through API, EDI, or GPS tracking so we can always keep an eye on your freight.


The FreightCompass Digital Platform is fully integrated with all the major LTL carriers and many TL carriers. Through our integration strategy, we are able to share information in real time with carriers and track shipments throughout the life cycle. Need a digital transportation platform that can integrate with your existing ERP? FreightCompass is ready and capable!

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Beyond the day-to-day process of shipping and receiving, the FreightCompass platform offers robust Business Analytics to help manage and improve your Supply Chain. Regardless of mode or carrier, our tools consolidate your transportation network and provide real-world and actionable analytics for your team!

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